The 14-weeks-old polar bear cup in this story is among these lovely and playful animals. The newborn was caught on camera jumping on the rocks, playing hide-and-seek, enjoying some pretzels, and excitedly exploring the surroundings.

The photos of the cute little bear were taken at the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich. It’s full of energy and actually knows how to best enjoy its days. Just look! the baby even winked at the camera! Enough to melt your heart, right?

“The little cub is in great shape and full of energy, and weighs an impressive 8.4 kilos (about 18-pounds).” said the zoo’s director Rasem Baban.


The adorable polar cub is the third child of the 10-year-old mamma bear Giovanna. It has 3-year-old twin siblings who were separately taken to The Netherlands and Doncaster in 2016. It is now the youngest child, and of course, receives all the love and care of its mother.

Happily, the cub grows up into a healthy, lovely, and playful bear. He gets his mother’s care and the love of the zoo’s staff.

“We are delighted to see the day-to-day progress of the bear cub.” Rasem said.

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